Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oreo Brownie Earthquake...

Finally after biding Bye-bye to winter,summer has knocked our doors...I was looking forward to it as I was terribly tired of snowfall and wanted to enjoy summer of USA.With the onset of spring... trees are gifted back their dresses,birds have started coming out of their hiding places,flowers have started blooming and sun have started peeping in...and we can go out without those heavy jackets....but this time we need to protect our skin from scorching heat of the sun...still I love summer...because summer reminds us of desserts..like cakes,pastries,ice-creams,smoothies...oh la la yummy! and lot more.

This is my article for Showcase-Desserts hosted by Divya


Thanks Divya for this lovely theme...I think its perfect for summer....I liked the theme as dessets are very dear to me....Last sunday I had an oppurtunity to visit St Mathews mall near our apartment...It was afternoon and for the first time we experienced scorching heat of sun here in US...we took the advantage of the situation and enjoyed special dish...OREO BROWNIE EARTHQUAKE-It is beautiful combination of crushed oreo cookies with chewy chocolate brownie pieces blended with hot chocolate fudge and creamy french vanilla soft serve.It was too good.We deceided that we are going to try this at home...the very next day we did it and it tasted fabulous..so would like to share this recipe with u all....u will surely love it!


3 scoops of french vanilla ice-cream.
1 oreo cream biscuit.
1 Brownie.
Chocolate sauce as you desire.

1.In a bowl take 3 scoops of ice-cream.
2.Add crushed pieces of Oreo cream biscuit.
3.Now add brownie pieces over it.
4.Pour either hot or cold chocolate sauce on it
5.Mix together and enjoy....

I know surely you will be thinking what I have prepared here...nothing...but yes you can surely make brownies at home ..My blog with provide you with the same.still my blog being in testing phase may take some time.Else you can buy brownies from store and make this dish at home within very few minutes and enjoy....no need to waste dollars on this simple but sweet and easy dish on shop which can be made at home within no time.

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