Saturday, May 12, 2012

Strawberry Blast

Have You ever visited a farm and picked sweet ripened strawberries in as much quantity as u desire? No na...In India you wont but here in USA We got an oppurtunity to pluck and eat it as much as we want...

Last saturday-5th May 2012 we visited Huber farm.This farm grows seasonal fruits and veggies and offers free pick and eat facility.This being spring-strawberry season, we enjoyed strawberry festival in orchard.There is a tractor that takes you to the farm which is free of cost.Here you are supposed to collect as many fresh, delicious, mouthwatering strawberries as you want directly from the bush.We had never seen strawberry bushes before so were very amazed to see rows and rows of small bushes.All u have to do is start plucking strawberries in the tray provided for collection and eating as many as you can and buy rest of the berries at minimal cost.I visited along with my friends in Louisville... we were competing who would collect best berries and who would consume maximum berries? This competition gave us a chance to enjoy  tastiest juicy plumiest strawberries never tasted in life before.

We also tasted homemade strawberry ice-creams over here.Also I felt in love with cherry vanilla flavoured ice-cream that I had never seen before but enjoyed to full extent.Me and my hubby---ice-cream lovers tried lot many flavours.Nikhil tasted for the strawberry wine at local winery.Well during our checkout we payed the bill and purchased strawberries that we collected  in a tray along with blue berry pound cake which was also amazingly good.

When we returned home I promised Nikhil to do variety of starwberry recipes as I can within 2 days only as stawberries are very perishable and spoils very soon.We prepared strawberry sundae,strawberry banana smoothie with ice-cream,strawberry muramba.I searched for many recipes on internet like strawberry shortcake,Strawberry jelly cake,strawberry jello pie,strawberry jam and many more,.seeing delicious strawberries Nikhil invented new dessert-strawberry blast which was too good as it consists of whipped cream.This solved our strawberry consumption problem and it turned out to be one of the best recipes we ever tried .Here is the recipe for u all...Hope you all will enjoy it.


10-12 strawberries.
Whipped Cream bottle.
2 scoops of French Vanilla ice-cream.
2 spoons of honey(optional)

Time taken:2 minutes

1.Chop each strawberry in to 4 pieces.
2.Arrange it in circular manner in a bowl
3.Pour whipped cream on it
4.At the center place 1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
5.Add few drops of honey on it.

Enjoy it...u can add more ice-cream if u like ...u can try with strawberry ice-cream also...
Its perfect and easy dessert to enjoy in summer...

Linking this recipe to the event..Bon Vivant #4- Fruit recipes hosted by Sumee.Thanks for the lovely event-perfect for summer...

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  1. Ummm.. that's sounds perfecct with icecream to go with it. Thnx a bunch for linking it up.