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Dates cup-cake containing no egg......

Cakes...hmmm Yummy! Who doesn't like cakes and pastries? Hearing the name only our mouth starts watering..Cake is My husbands favourite evening snacks..I dont have sweet tooth but cakes and gulab jamuns are two exceptions to it.

He simply loves cakes and I get to experiment a lot.After coming to US... toh puchoo hi mat..we dont even wait till first cake is over and we make another one..seeing the oven,availability of cake mixes in shops and other raw materials..we are always excited to make cakes...We generally prefer readymade cake mixes but this cupcakes.. we tried everything from scratch..and was trilled. I can say my baking skills have improved in last few weeks.

Yesterday as usual I was chatting with my mom on phone..everyday I complain my mom about sweet mischeifs played by me dear son ARNAV...because she is the only one who can understand both me and my cute monster.Indeed time flies like anything..I remember few days before I was just packing things for my journey to US and had just celebrated my son's 1st b'day and now within 3 months he will be turning two yrs old...I cannot believe it sometimes. We are busier than ever, but at the same time he is keeping us happy with his little mischiefs. I get choked up when I hear him talking in his baby words and when he learns something new – like today when he jumped from his high chair all by himself...I was terribly afraid but seeing everything is all right I was relieved...I thought... My baby is all grown up!

As I informed this to my mom she started reminding me about nutritional facts that I should include in my baby's diet so that he will be more stronger...Also she gave lecture on values of dates and almonds both . Every time we discuss about it, I go and buy one pack of almond and dates. Last week, I found I had a huge pack of dates and almonds at home. So I just plonderring about what is to be done..?

Dates were sadly looking at me as they were kept unattended...Feeling pity on dates I thought of making cake with them.So also while updating my blog just glanced through the events and was amazed to see this theme...I was so very excited with this theme as I got another chance to make my husband happy by gifting him with his all time favourite cake!Thanks to you a lot!This is my entry for CEED..... As Iam new to this bloggy world initially I didnt understand many terms used by other bloggers but now I have started becoming familiar with happens with word CEED anyways...

This is my contribution to"Dates" and giveaway.. hosted by Nithu...Thanks dear for the lovely event..and I think giveaway makes it more interesting and competetive both...Also as per your request linking to

The cupcakes turned out to be awesome.Do try it I promise it will be delicious in taste.This sweet is also for a sweet little princess. My sister got engaged last week and though I was not there to share the special moments, I celebrated in my own way by eating these cupcakes.Here's the recipe for you all..

This one is dedicated to all veggie lovers who does not even looks towards my mom.


Cake prior to baking

Cake after baking is done

20 dates.
1 cup milk.
1 cup sugar.
1 cup maida or all purpose flour.
1 tsp of baking soda.
1/2 cup butter or oil
1 tbsp cashewnut,almonds,walnut,pecans or dry fruit of your choice-I used cashewnuts and almonds.
1 tsp of baking powder.

1.Soak dates in warm milk overnight or for 7-8 hours so that they become soft and easy for grinding.
2.Or if you are in hurry you can heat milk in microwave and allow dates to soak for few minutes and they you can easily grind it.
3.Add sugar will grinding itself.
4.Grind all to a smooth paste.
5.Now add melted butter or oil to it-I used oil while doing it.
6.Sieve together maida,baking soda and baking powder.
7.Now add this mixture little by little to above made smooth paste.
8.Mix everything slowly and nicely at least giving 30-40 rounds either with hand or with blender.
9.Add dryfruits to it and mix again.
10.Preheat oven to 350 degrees and prepare your cup-cake tray.
11.Pour the prepared batter in cup-cake tray.
12.Allow it to bake in oven for 30-40 minutes.

And you will be amazed to see the result....the brown color looks so very good that you cannot wait even till your cake is cooled so that you can enjoy eating!
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