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Grilled Noodle Sandwich..

Grilled noodle sandwich offers the winning combination of noodle and cheese on bread slices. Toast the noodles and cheese filing sandwiches and relish crispy hot with ketchup or chutney as breakfast or packed lunch.Best as kids delight...anyways kids are fond of maggi and they love sandwiches this one forms great combination and can be made specially for kids tiffin. so also easy to prepare within no time and can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime....also you can include maximum number of veggies while preparing maggi so as to make it nutritive...

This dish is easy, transportable hence is perfect for neighborhood gatherings, family picnics, and outdoor barbecues. Also can be included as summer favorites and best as brunch not only for kids but also for adults.
It tastes yummy and do try it!

Here we go...

sandwich before grilling

2012-06-16 19.08.13.jpg

sandwich after grilling

2012-06-17 13.49.16.jpg

8 slices of bread
1 packet of maggi noodles (masala flavour)
4 slices of cheese
Bottle of tomato ketchup
butter as per your choice
Bottle of Mayonnaise hot and spicy one

1.Boil water in pan and add the noodles.Here you can add any vegetables while cooking Maggi as per your choice.when almost cooked add the masala and cook for a few minutes.
I did only with maggi and it tasted simply awesome!
2.Take a slice of bread.Apply butter to it and add tomato ketchup on it. a small amount of this noodle mixture that is  Maggie with masala on it.
4.Now take another slice.Apply mayonnaise on it and place cheese slice on it.
5.Place cheese slice bread on top of Maggi one and then finally..
6.Grill the sandwich in sandwich maker or bake it in oven till cheese melts...also you can fry it on pan or tawa.

Serve hot and let your heart sink into a mouthwatering and filling noodle cheese snack.

Be generous with spreading of maggi and ketchup both as combination gives an excellent taste to the sandwich.

Sending this article to the event-sandwich recipes.Too good event.I loved the theme as I cannot live without sandwiches.Thanks for the amazing event!

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