Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Healthy Muskmelon Chiller...

Introduction: Muskmelon, commonly referred to as cantaloupe, is a fruit in the same family of cucumbers. This fruit has orange flesh and a beige, netted skin, as well as a musky, sweet scent.

Applications: Muskmelon commonly finds use mixed with other fruits in salads, served alone, or wrapped with prosciutto as a savory appetizer. It offers a range of nutritional value.

Health & Nutrition Benefits of Eating Muskmelons :

1.Muskmelon comprises of a significant amount of dietary fiber, making it good for those suffering from constipation.
2.Since the fruit is not high in sugar or calories, it serves as a good snack for all those who are trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.
3.The potassium present in muskmelons makes them quite helpful in the lowering of blood pressure.
4.The fruit has been associated with regulating heart beat and, possibly, preventing strokes.
5.Researches have suggested that muskmelons might reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and age-related bone loss.
6.Being rich in Vitamin C, an antioxidant, the fruit has been believed to be good for preventing heart diseases, cancer and other chronic ailments.
7.Muskmelons have been found to have sedative properties, making them beneficial for the people who are suffering from insomnia.
8.The fruit has almost zero cholesterol and thus, is safe for the people who suffer from the problem of high blood cholesterol.
9.Regular consumption of muskmelon juice can help treat lack of appetite, acidity, ulcer and urinary tract infections.
10.Since it has high water content, the fruit can help reduce the heat in the body and thus, prevent heat-related disorders.
11.The fruit proves to be a good source of vitamin A and thus, helps maintain healthy skin.
12.The folic acid present in muskmelons helps create healthy fetuses (in pregnant women) and can even prevent cervical cancer and osteoporosis. It also serves as a mild antidepressant.
Thus it has many health benefits.

If you are feeling too tired on a hot summer day, consume a muskmelon and you will find yourself refreshed and energized.Very that we are suffering badly from scorching heat of the sun we will be happy if anybody  offers  us cool sherbet or ice-cream so as to get rid of heat..
Yesterday I offered cool muskmelon sherbat to my husband when he returned from the office after tiresome work and seeing that he was so very delighted that I cannot express it in words...I thought this is perfect for my blog so that others can also make their husbands also was excited to see the event spotlight:summer cooler:Thanda Thanda, cool cool as it is golden oppurtunity for me to post my article...Thanks for the superb event...

This is my contribution to Summer Cooler : Thanda Thanda, Cool Cool. hosted by Indrani.

I learnt this recipe from my mother-in-law which is very easy,can be done quickly and is very much refreshing  during summer...Please try it you will surely love it...

Here is the recipe for you all..


1 muskmelon chopped into pieces.
1 tsp of cumin powder
1/2 lemon
salt as per your taste.
7-8 Ice cubes or crushed ice

1.Blend the pieces of muskmelon in the grinder.
2 Dont add water initially while grinding make only pure pulp of melon.
3 Now add little bit of salt,Jeera powder and lemon.
4.Crush7-8 pieces of ice to it.
5.Now you can add water in as much quantity as you want.
6.Remember this being sherbat it contains water is large amount.
7.Taste it add little more salt if you want and serve chilled.

You are bound to enjoy it.....

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  1. Definitely a healthy drink.....thanks for linking it to spotlight : summer cooler