Monday, May 14, 2012

Strawberry Cake

Yeah we baked a cake...After getting comfortable with cooking vegetables, somewhat getting accustomed to make round chapatis.. I deceided it was time to try my hand on when I saw this theme I smiled to myself...Perfect I had prepared the cake just two days before and now I have golden chance to upload it.Unlike my baking experiments in which everytime I purchase readymade cake mix from the store,this time I baked it from scratch like my mother-in-law.For all those who have never tried strawberry cake before please try it it tasted wonderful.This one is my contribution to event showcase -desserts hosted by Divya...Its an amazing event for an(boulangere meaning female baker) and also who are fans of desserts...Thanks for an oppurtunity dear...


I dont know why but I its really pains me a lot if I see fruits decaying...I think Iam murdering them and snatching their life so also wasting money...I hear crying sound from them which panics me a lot...hence I usually see to it that we consume it as soon as they are brought from the market..but sometimes it may happen that we concentrate on eating other stuffs ,dont feel like eating it or wait till it gets ripened leaving it as it is on table or fridge.This time there were few strawberries that were demanding our attention.I was pondering what to do with this then I remembered that my hubby loves all types of cakes a lot and I wanted to carry out my first  baking expt also so deceided that I will bake strawberry cake..I searched a lot for recipe... on google it yielded many results but fianlly I jotted down this easy recipe ...

This being my first experience to bake each and everything from scratch..I sent my husband to bring few things from the store that are common for almost all cakes-sugar,blender,baking powder, baking pan(13*9 inch),measuring cup etc... with this i was all set up and ready to start my first baking adventure on afternoon of 11th MAY 2012 .Here's the recipe for a wonderful strawberry cake


7 tbsp of unsalted butter
2 &1/2 cup All purpose flour or maida
1 cup Sugar in cake batter & 2 tsp for strawberries.
1 cup milk
2 cup strawberries
few drops of lemon juice for strawberries.
5 tsp of baking powder.
little bit of salt say 1/4th tsp.
3 Eggs

1.Wash and chop finely 2 cups of strawberries
2.Sprinkle 2 tsp of sugar and few drops of lemon juice on chopped strawberries.
3Take melted butter in big vessel and start pouring sugar on it and mix it thoroughly.that is cream it nicely.
4.Take baking powder,salt and Maida.Mix it nicely.
5.Now add little above made mixed flour little by little to creamed butter and sugar.
6.Also add little milk and mix it.
7.This way add flour and little milk and egg which has been beaten nicely and mix it everytime you add milk.
8 when u mix it thorougly giving at least 40 to 50 rounds by blender add strawberries to it.
9 again mix it nicely.
10.see to it that strawberries are inserted inside cake batter.
11.Now grease baking pan with butter and little flour.
12.Preheat oven to 375 degrees
13.Bake it for 30-35 minutes.
14.Your cake is ready...Enjoy it with chilled milk..
15.Store it in refrigerator and enjoy it tastes more Yummy!...

Storing it in refrigerator increases its shelf life...Recent research has shown strawberries to be a surprisingly fragile, perishable, and delicate fruit. On average, studies show 2 days as the maximal time for strawberry storage without major loss of vitamin C and polyphenol antioxidants. It's not that strawberries become dangerous to eat or invaluable after 2 days. It's just that more storage time brings along with it substantially more nutrient loss.But when u make cake of strawberry you can enjoy it at least for 10't it amazing!

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