Sunday, June 3, 2012


Serve your Toddler healthy and nutritious foods!  You don't have to rely on cold cereals for a Toddler's Lunch; try this easy to prepare food Ragivita...with less ingredients that toddlers will love!

Ragi is a kind of millet.These tiny deep red pearls called finger millet are bundle of nutrients. A whole grain which I came to know about much later in life from my mother in law..It was only after marriage I became aware of these goldmine of nutrients and hence deceided that it should form major part of my baby's diet too...he should derive maximum nourishment since childhood only..I feel very sorry that I got to know its importance so very late in life..I request all of you to include ragi in your's and your childs meal very often.

From then on it has occupied a much coveted place on my dinning table.I see to it that all my family members consume it to maximum extent. I love the earthy and rustic aroma of this mighty grain.

Health Benefits of Ragi are as follows:
It is a good source of fiber in diet.
Ragi has low Glycemic Index which makes it digest very slowly thus keeping the blood sugar levels constant. Ragi is surely a boon for people suffering from diabetes.
Ragi is rich in many minerals such as thiamine, iron and calcium.
It serves as a good laxative for constipation.
Ragi is rich in carbohydrate and low in fat, which can help control obesity.
Ragi malt can be a good substitute for people suffering from milk allergies.

This one is my entry for the event "Healthy food for healthy kids"-Toddler Lunch" hosted by Priya...again thanks for the lovely theme dear...Good one dear Nithu..Unable to control my excitement for posting toddler recipes for this event ...

Ragivita/Nachani Chi Kheer

As the name itself suggests --Ragi ---full of vitamins

Ragi flour-2 tsp (Ready made of can be prepared at home)
3 tsp of sugar
1 cup milk
2 tsp of Almond powder

1.Dissolve Ragi flour,sugar and Almond powder in milk.
2.Pour it in a pan..generally of copper bottom so that it does not stick to the bottom.
3.On the gas and keep it stirring continously.
4.Special care has to be taken so that it does not forms lumps else gives bad taste.
5.Stir it continously at least for 15 mins on low flame till it becomes thick.
6.Serve hot.

I prefer giving this everyday to my baby who is 20 months old as it is rich source of calcium.Also almonds-- known as the queen of the roses, the pink family and the genus Prunus, is one of the oldest sources of power in the world....add more to its nutritive value...This nut is one of the few sources of plant proteins containing arginine, an essential amino acid for children....Thus its helpful for memory in childhood..
Despite its apparent dryness and homogeneous, the almond has a remarkable amount of soluble fiber (10%). It is ideal for stimulating bowel movements and to give a feeling of fullness.
The almond is also rich in protein (19 g/100 g), an amount similar to that of meat. Thus in vegetarian diets almonds and nuts in general are of great importance. The iron content is one of the virtues of this delicious nut. 50 grams of almonds provide a dose of iron similar to that of spinach, of course they are 30 times less heat....
The magnesium, phosphorus and manganese are also other minerals that gives this nut in amounts not insignificant.
The almonds represent health nutrition and flavor. Almonds are cholesterol-free dried fruit that will please the most demanding consumers and health fanatics.Fat, a gift for the arteries

so also he hates milk ...In order that milk should enter his stomach in some way or the other I love preparing this and feeding him...he also enjoys and loves it a lot.


  1. Healthy recipe for toddlers..... But can I give it to my 14 months daughter?????

    Could U suggest me some recipe for toddler that include green vegies.......

    1. Yes can surely give it to ur 14 months old son is having it since he was 10 months...only see to its consistency... that you dont make it too thick...if ur baby likes sweet she will enjoy it...and stir it continously while mixing and heating on gas...see to it that u make it on low flame otherwise lumps will be formed which wont taste good and becomes may take time but its very nutricious...Yes I will surely provide you with recipes of variety of khichadis that include veggies...thanks for ur response...