Thursday, June 14, 2012

About Me...

Hello and welcome to my new blog,

Today after successful completion of my 25 posts I felt that many are unfamiliar with my allow me to introduce you to both myself and to my site.

First thing is...It is just a trail blog and not a big well known site designed by an expert.It is simple personal website created and maintained with lot many efforts by me...of course my husband has helped me a lot in designing this website.This one is far different from the one which you will find on internet with thousands of recipes but is my personal with only few hundreds of recipes tried and tasted at home by me and my dear family and may be few of my friends...

Star of my my dear hubby...guinea pig or taste tester...but he would always love it..he being a great food fan or foodie.

I invite you all to try these recipes,go through my food blog and give your valuable feedback,post suggestions in the comments section followed under each article.

As and when I would cook repeatedly, I would find new updates,corrections,new innovative ideas designing recipes...same goes with blogging do keep in mind that you will always see here work is in progress and may locate changes and variety of ideas on just one click...

How and when did I started with this: From 25th march 2012 I started writing down recipes I had grown up with,which I practice here in USA and posting them to my website.I loved this idea which I got from my hubby a lot.I just love cooking new recipes so also learning new ones from my friends and trying them on my hubby.I developed this hobby only after coming to US...Initially I had never cooked before....US trip gave me golden oppurtunity to cook food for my family and I really thank god for it.

Now cooking has become my passion.

About Myself: I remember those golden childhood days when I used to play Bhatukli with my dear friends in society...We used to prepare delicious dishes with ease and within no time and everytime would offer it to mom.Of course everything used to be imaginary one!Though cooking was not my that favourite hobby I began to take it seriously only after cuming to USA.....

Majority span of life I spent with studying,doing official hectic work and hardly used to cook.Also my mom used to never allow me to cook too much thinking that I after marraige I have to cook compulsorily...and I used to enjoy Maa Ke Haath Ka khana..oh la la really I miss those golden days..I discovered my love towards cooking and contentment to feed my family only after coming to USA.Also infrastructure of kitchen,availability of grocery in malls being ultimate you just cant sit at home idle.

Also I come from a family where both my mom and my mother-in-law are excellent homecooks.Hardly can anyone challenge them in cooking..Even my dad is good chef as he loves to eat well and enjoys trying out new recipes.Hence in order to be like them I started with blogging as new activity so also it will enhance my hobby and will be good project work for me which will help in documenting kitchen trails and errors.

Cooking of recipes in this blog is done in the kitchen of our camden,Brookside apartments in Louisville,Kentucky and had my dear husband over to taste my creations and innovative dishes....

From where I obtained all these recipes might be one question in your mind...To answer this..All the recipes that I have and will be posting henceforth are tried tasted by me at home of course after going through variety of cookbooks,magazines,internet,newspaper,cooking sites and other blogs,and also once that I have learnt from my mom and in laws.I would like to mention here one more thing here...If I pull the recipe from other source I will surely try to mention it clearly in my also If I learn it from my family member or any friend of mine then in that case care will be taken that his or her name is mentioned.

Speciality of this blog:Recipes shown here are strictly vegetarian...Which makes use of whole food ingredients only occassionally prepared/readymade foods so also eggs might be used in preparing few food items like cakes.Also I have tried and highlighted benefits or advantages and medical applications in relation to that particular food product so as to derive maximum nourishment after consuming the same.

I believe in varied but healthy diet using real butter cream,lots of vegetables and fruits,proteins from milk,beans and cheese.

About Comments:Comments are most welcome on all the recipes as it will benefit me in improving my style,language and new ideas which will definately improve my method of cooking.

Pictures: Photos are taken by either me or my hubby personally either by simple mobile camera or by our Nikon.

Reason for starting this blog: During my spare time here in USA I used to always search for new recipes and would try at home day list went so long that I was unable to locate the recipe that I really wanted...there my hubby gave me idea of documenting and organizing all my recipes by creating a blog...I followed his advice and started writing down the recipes I tried and tasted and there gave birth to blogging activity...Also with the intention that my dear younger sis after marriage can also refer and try out these recipes so as to make her husband happy I opted for this activity...My aim is to become active participant in this world of food blogging...and hence I created this blog"Food Frenzy".I stumbled into the world of food blogging while searching for a recipe. I have been having a good time reading all the food posts. The blog events sound exciting and fun to do. I got major inspiration for creating this blog by visiting variety of food blogs.I am not a gourmet chef, but I have found a new passion in cooking. I love experimenting with new stuff.Moreover To share with you all delicious vegetarian food items and recipes that I tried in my kitchen in simplest possible way and clear enough so that even a newable in the kitchen can also try them out easily.Spices and sweetness in all the recipes has been moderate and designed me according to my taste.Hence I request all to adjust it according to your own personal taste.

I have another blogs "Treasured Memories" and "Just Rice Recipes for U and Me"...Please go through them also...

Although it has been only few months old still..If you require any recipe or want to provide me with suggestions please feel free to mail me at

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and spending your valuable time for me.

So, join me in my cooking experiments.

Bon Appetite

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