Monday, June 11, 2012

Maggi Burger...........

Everyone loves a hot juicy burger filled with all sorts of yummy toppings, especially in the summer months...Burgers are a classic staple of American cuisine, and have always been a family favorite.They are now standard all-American fare, served at fast food restaurants, sports arenas, amusement parks and schools and so on...To enjoy  feel of America every now and then we opt for Burger...

Luckily we have options to choose one that best fits our favourite flavour...You can easily increase or decrease the choice of toppings which will be favourably yours...In this recipe I have used Maggi and few veggies along with cheese...maggi being all time favourite of not only kids but of adults too.

You may have your own versions of “Maggi memories” like on those cycling trips with friends, or as your savior when friends drop in without warning or during those late night talks …

Maggi has been a true childhood buddy. It took care of our hunger pangs when we were away from our parents in a hostel or on a camp. Continuing the practice, now it is ‘the food’ kids eat without a fuss. It’s that food which our moms let us have as a substitute to other ‘outside’ food we would have otherwise eaten!

Maggi seems to be just that perfect quick-snack between meals and is so easy to make that kids sometime make it alone. What’s more it seems they now come enriched with calcium and proteins! Taste bhi! Health bhi! scream the smalls kids in the ad!

Wow, Maggi we love so much its just unavoidable...also healthy but only to some extent!

So, let your kid have Maggi but make sure he also appreciates the taste of traditional snacks like upma, poha, idlis which are nutritionally richer than Maggi and are easier to make too. Let Maggi treat be an occasional ritual than an everyday one! Don’t forget the other nutritional culprits like white bread, instant pasta which are eating away your child’s nutritional intake and make sure that you keep a tab on these too.

Did you know that MAGGI is named after its great inventor?

Over a century ago, back in 1884, a genius called Julius Maggi invented a powdered pea and bean soup, to provide nutritious, easy to prepare food for busy women who worked in factories and didn’t have time to prepare healthy meals. This new product really improved the nutrition of common people, and he followed this first MAGGI product two years later with the invention of ready-to-use soups and liquid seasoning.

But he didn’t stop there! Soon afterwards, Julius Maggi perfected bouillon concentrates, first in capsules, then in cubes.

More than 100 years later, MAGGI is still a byword for top quality products that combine healthy and varied nutrition, fast and easy preparation and affordable prices.

The credit of invention of this recipe goes to one of my friend "Swati" in louisville..she made it for all of us when she invited  for dinner and hence it holds a special meaning for me...we both are junkies and our love towards maggi is unimaginable...Thus after enjoying yummy maggi burger at her home ...I asked her for the recipe which was simple easy and also was very amazed to see the perfect for uploading this different recipe...Thanks for the also thanks swati for the recipe which I made immediately after 2 days when I learnt from her... I know junk food is bad for health but can enjoy it sometime..

This is my contribution to Akila's: Dish name starts with M..


4 Burger Buns
1 packet of maggi along with masala in it.
1/2 onion chopped into round slices
few chopped round pieces of tomato and cucumber
1/2 cup shredded lettuce or cabbage
4 cheese slices
2 tbsp tomato ketch-up or tomato pudina sauce or any tomato sauce of your choice.
salt and pepper as per your taste.
2 tbsp of butter

1.On one side prepare maggi else you can prepare it in microwave.
2.Roast your pav or buns on tawa with butter.
3.Apply sauce on roasted bun..side which is inside one...
4.Place 2 spoons full of maggi on can add more if u like more...Iam fond of it a lot so I added it maximum.
5.Now place chopped veggies like cucumber,onion,tomato cabbage,lettuce as per your liking on it.
6.Place cheese slice on it
7.Cover it by another bun. and enjoy....

Its really yummy....mouthwatering....You just cant sit quiet eating only are bound to eat one more for sure...just try it!

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  1. Supriya !I'm much obliged & blissed by the favourable sentiments you express towards me, and shall be happy if I can be of service again in carrying into execution your eating plans by small get-togethers !!! Bagful of thnxs!!!